Solace of LEGOman Values

(no joke title this time)

LEGO is perhaps the ideal toy. It fosters creativity, and from that creativity and freedom flow myriad works of breathtaking calibre. The LEGO fandom at its best is an incredible creative force, producing amazing works of scale and complexity beyond our wildest dreams, rendered lovingly in perhaps the most versatile childrens' toy there is.

And actually, that's exactly why we're here this time.

Every fandom has its issues and pitfalls, but we're here for the good stuff. We're here to show you some of the best the BIONICLE and Hero Factory fandoms has to offer - MOCs, artwork, fanfiction, comics, even fan games. We're here to remind you that no matter how bad things seem, no fandom is completely bad.

Of couse, if you're here looking for the bad LEGO fandom stuff, you're probably looking for our other blog, the Lunacy of LEGOman Values. Unlike the Lunacy's more general view, we're focusing primarily on BIONICLE and Hero Factory (and maybe their ancestors Slizer and RoboRider); the internet already has countless other blogs with a general LEGO focus, and fanworks other than MOCs for non-BIONICLE / Hero Factory lines are rare to the point of non-existence.


This is the first batch of three of images I created for BZPower members who sent in their MOCs to a certain number of LEGO conventions this year. I gave the option of standard MOC photos, or fancier ones involving light writing. They were really fun to make!

MOCs created by BZPower member Bfahome.

Makuta by Disciple

The First Toa by GarryTheSkrall


I wrote a story about Akamai and Wairuha.

No, not a story about the Toa Mata.  A story about Akamai and Wairuha.

(PS: Go enter the Titans and Monsters contest if you haven’t already!)


finally 100% finished this stupid son of a bitch (all i needed were those rims and i guess a better kickstand)

okay i guess i could give him better weapons because that is an ugly shade of blue on this but to that i say: fuck off i dont feel like ordering more pieces. fuck off

(sorry for the bad pic quality btw. phone photography is lame)


well here is a cute little ussal crab. with a hidden missile. onepu and nuparu look on in awe

Toa Gali Nuva (Mistika) by Fsnorglepuff

Toa Gali Nuva (Mistika) by Fsnorglepuff